Chanel Really Needs To Get Someone More Innovative In Their Bag

For Fall 2018, Chanel Replica UK went into the woods and emerged with a brand new handbag. Clutched by scores of runway models and often adorned with the season’s luxe-camo leaf prints, the Chanel 31 Bag appears to come in at least two sizes and has three carry options: as a hand-held tote, a shoulder tote or a folded-over clutch. There were other bags on the runway, of course, but the volume of 31 Bags suggests it’ll be a big push for the brand come fall.

There’s been something of a trend for handheld bags that aren’t necessarily clutches in recent seasons, mostly fueled by indie upstarts that are popular with the street style crowd. They’re undeniably a case of fashion over function: they evoke the same sense that a clutch does, which is that for the carrier, an opportunity to look chic and unbothered can outweigh the necessity of carrying a bag on one’s shoulder in order to have free hands or offset a heavy load.

The Chanel Replica Handbags version comes with shoulder straps that hide inside the bag when not in use, thankfully, but I’m still not sure the design works. I couldn’t move past the feeling that the top structure with oval handles felt cheap to me, maybe like a beach bag or one of those free totes they sometimes give out with makeup counter purchases.

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