Chanel Really Needs To Get Someone More Innovative In Their Bag

For Fall 2018, Chanel Replica UK went into the woods and emerged with a brand new handbag. Clutched by scores of runway models and often adorned with the season’s luxe-camo leaf prints, the Chanel 31 Bag appears to come in at least two sizes and has three carry options: as a hand-held tote, a shoulder tote or a folded-over clutch. There were other bags on the runway, of course, but the volume of 31 Bags suggests it’ll be a big push for the brand come fall.

There’s been something of a trend for handheld bags that aren’t necessarily clutches in recent seasons, mostly fueled by indie upstarts that are popular with the street style crowd. They’re undeniably a case of fashion over function: they evoke the same sense that a clutch does, which is that for the carrier, an opportunity to look chic and unbothered can outweigh the necessity of carrying a bag on one’s shoulder in order to have free hands or offset a heavy load.

The Chanel Replica Handbags version comes with shoulder straps that hide inside the bag when not in use, thankfully, but I’m still not sure the design works. I couldn’t move past the feeling that the top structure with oval handles felt cheap to me, maybe like a beach bag or one of those free totes they sometimes give out with makeup counter purchases.

One Handbag That Really Caught My eye

Karl Lagerfeld was, for one reason or another, compelled to showcase his Fall collection as if the models were shopping in a supermarket. Thousands of items lined the shelves of his elaborate set and models were carrying wire shopping baskets filled with Chanel replica accessories. Even more unusual was his apparent love for holey sweatpants this season.

Oh my, I think it hurt my eyes a little. However, when you strip away all of the weird stuff, a few little gems are to be found. One Chanel replica handbags that really caught my eye was this Pearl Embellished Flap Bag!

White leather is not something you would expect to find in a Fall collection. I find the pearly white leather quite intriguing though, so the fact that it is for the Fall season doesn’t really bother me. But what I really love is the pearl and pink crystals covering the flap closure. The overall look is quite pretty. It sort of looks princess-y, but in a good way. It would look gorgeous paired with other whites or even pastels.